Supplier of many designers, integrators or manufacturers in electronic equipement, we know the problems associated with this industry. We’re able to be proactive in the design of parts, or in the choice of material ; our customers appreciate our technical expertise.
We mainly supply technical parts with a high level of precision. We’re also able to manage aspect problematics.
We work on projects with high value added for embedded electronics, connectors



EN9100 certified since 2009, we have acquired a strong experience on civil and military aerospace markets. Our strong commitment to the study of customers specifications allow us to deliver products in accordance with our customers’ expectations.
Our expertise in the manufacture of technical parts, as well as our perfect mastery of aeronautical materials, fully meet the requirements of aeronautical markets.



PIT is a historic supplier of several large customers in the defence sector.
We have a strong experience on projects related to military aircraft or manufacture of military vehicles. The technical and quality of our work are recognized by our customers.


Electrical construction

Our presence in the electrical building is historic. PIT has grew as a quality partner for major industrials of electrical construction. Able to work both on current industrial plastics (PE , HDPE , POM, PA , PC , PTFE, PMMA ... ) as the high-performance plastics (PEEK , Ketron , ULTEM ... ) , we have become a partner reference for the manufacture of technical insulation since many years.


Reference partner on the medical and scientific instrumentation markets, our industrial vision allow us to meet the requirements of these sectors: zero defects delivered, 98% service levels, price competitiveness.