Lean management

ERP and lean management

To manage all the functions and all the products of our production cycle, we have a powerful fully integrated IT system (ERP) we’ve developed year after year in-house to support the growth of our business and its growing complexity .

It is an indispensable instrument for flow and performance control by sector and global business.

This software package developed under Delphi 7 brings the calculation of net needs of production, the deadline acceptance testing at the order registration, planning, scheduling, productivity performance, quality, and respect for delays.

Lean management is also the spirit in which our industrial management has been though.

Whether on cleanliness and storage, streamlining and acceleration of flows, optimization of machine cycles, optimization of human resources, inventory reduction, mastering the right time, management of TRS, or work on the versatility of qualifications, our work and our efforts to improve are permanent.

We consider that this is a condition to enable our company to keep a high level of performance and hence competitiveness.