Performance and industrial objectives

Our industrial objectives are clearly defined:

          Zero defects in appearance and dimensional

Parts deliveries without mark, chips or scratches, no sharp edges.
A 3D control frequency on the series and the final release, and a visual appearance check enables us to ensure the required quality.

          Service rate: 98.5% OTD

Our delays vary between 3 and 8 weeks for the manufacture of a new part according to the services requested: complexity, processing, painting, installation or assembly.
The deadline for producing a known part varies between 1 and 5 weeks.
Deliver our clients at time is a priority for PIT. We have implemented several tools that can ensure adherence and monitoring schedules:
- Monitoring table on the status of real-time productions (type GANTT) and alerts on virtual delays
- Continuous monitoring of subcontractors, particularly on "sensitive" services (surface treatment, painting)

          Price competitiveness

In order to be ever more competitive, PIT works tirelessly to improve its production system. Our ability to industrialize each reference allows a high competitiveness in medium and large series (from 25 pieces).